More time with my family

Testimonial from a resident

“My daughter and granddaughter, who live nearby, were as enthusiastic about my moving in as I was! Living at Chateau Bothell Landing means I get to spend more time with them. There are many inviting gathering spaces, living spaces and amenities for all of us to enjoy.”

“Everything is taken care of here. From the uncomplicated way in which the fully Refundable Entry Fee puts my money to work for me, to the excellent service, food, people and amenities—I honestly feel like I have nothing to worry about.”

--Eidell Dennis, Chateau Bothell Landing

A place we love to call home

Testimonial from residents Ray and Sue“We’ve always loved this location, and have lived at Chateau Bothell Landing since 2002. We truly enjoy our elegant, spacious new apartment in Chateau Bothell Landing, but the residents and compassionate, professional staff are what make this community a place we love to call home.”

“We have everything we need. The stress-free flexibility of the financial options, the wonderful amenities and the comfort of knowing we’ll be well cared for when our needs increase are just a few of the things that allow us to enjoy a large degree of freedom at Chateau Bothell Landing"

--Ray & Sue, Chateau Bothell Landing

Chateau Bothell Landing


17543 102nd Ave NE Bothell, WA 98011